Let’s Get Reacquainted!

By Juliana Countinho

Hi everyone!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog, but a lot has gone on in my life since my last post (which was, eek, 9 months ago today!). Before I begin committing to posting more regularly, I feel as though you deserve an update.

The first, most important update in my life is that I am engaged! My fiancé popped the question in December of last year. We’ve been together for many years and we’re so excited to take this next step in our lives. I’m debating whether I should do a wedding planning series, especially since I am just not the best at it. I look forward to our special day, but planning is so stressful. I might do a retrospective post, though. Let me know what you think!

Secondly, school and work really got the best of me. I was writing my Honors Senior thesis, working 3-4 days a week and also completing my senior broadcasting capstone class all at once. It took a hell of a lot out of me, but I finished everything! I even got to present my senior thesis abstract to a room of peers and academics at Eastern Washington University in Spokane, Washington!

After that, I won a fellowship over the summer. I spent this past summer interning at one of the top news radio stations in New York City, got to meet amazing current and future media professionals from all over the country and made contacts and friendships that will last me a lifetime. It was a very demanding experience but an extremely rewarding one as well.

Lastly, right after my internship ended, I booked a solo trip to Montréal. I spent 4 days and 3 nights exploring the French region of Canada and had an awesome time getting to know the city and myself.

So, that’s everything I’ve been up too. Now, I still have a heavy work load. Those who know me best know that I am always busy. I am completing my final semester of school, interning and planning a wedding! No matter what, however, I’m going to strive to post more regularly and come up with a schedule.

Until then, look out for some interesting posts including my recap of my trip to Montréal.

See you next time!

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