New Life Resolutions

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

Every year approximately 40% of Americans have New Year’s resolutions (I’m personally shocked that it’s not more, to be honest. I thought this was something that most people generally did.) that they hope to accomplish during the incoming year, according to this article I read. However, only about 8% of those people complete those goals. I think we could all have a real moment with ourselves and realize that during many a New Year’s, we’ve created a long list of changes we want to make and barely weeks into the year, we’ve relapsed into our old habits.

This year, I’ve decided that I’m not going to create a list of resolutions. Instead, I’ve decided that I’m just going to choose to live my life differently, honestly, and authentically and I hope that you choose to do the same. What do I mean by this, you might ask?

Well I have general issues with myself that I’ve been aware of for years and that I know I need to change. Jotting those issues down on paper hasn’t seemed to change these facts about myself all this time. I’m going to be really honest with you all.

For one, I have an issue with timeliness. I tend to be late to places because I underestimate how long it takes me to wake up, do my morning routine, get ready and commute to where I’m going. I don’t eat well (who does, anyway?!) and I know that I really need to drink more water, daily. I should keep better track of my finances, and not make unnecessary purchases on non-essentials. I should work out more, not because I need to lose weight, but because being toned and healthy is important and will keep me feeling younger longer. I should really give back more and volunteer my time and give my money to worthy philanthropic endeavors. I should be more politically engaged… the list goes on.

So this year, I don’t have New Year’s resolutions, I just have one goal, in general: To improve my life one day and one weakness at a time.

We all have things we can work on. We are all flawed as individuals. Creating a list of all my shortcomings has time-and-time again proven to be overwhelming and self-defeating, for me. This year, I don’t just want to say, I want to ACT. When I know I’m not drinking water, I’m going to just go and get a bottle, or if I’m home, pour out a glass (In fact, I just made myself a glass of water right now. No lie.) or with any of my other issues I just want to tackle them in that moment.

Sometimes, small victories are overlooked, when they can be very empowering and essential building blocks to being a better person. With that said, I’m working on acting and not saying. I want to take bigger chances, trusting that God will see me through them all, and conquer every little struggle that I have as it comes. I rather have a year of little victories than of major defeats. That may sound limiting, but it’s pragmatic at worst and achievable and uplifting at best!

If you’re team #littlevictories this year, then let’s get it! We can do this, one step at a time.

Wishing you all the best this New Year and here’s to a better you and me!

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