My First Time At NYFW!

Hello Everyone,

This week, I got the amazing opportunity to attend NYFW, through my lovely friend Anastasia. I went to the Concept Korea fashion show on Tuesday, the 11th, and was absolutely amazed by how beautiful all the designers collections were. To start off my full review of my experience, I want to give you guys some digs on what exactly Concept Korea is and why it’s so damn cool.

What is Concept Korea?

Concept Korea, a project sponsored by the South Korean government, promotes rising Korean designers trying to breakthrough to the U.S. Market. The project seeks to increase global recognition of talented Korean designers. Starting in 2010, this is the ninth show that the collaborative has produced at Lincoln Center. This year, the collection featured four designers— Kaal E.Suktae, Choiboko, Beyond Closet and Big Park.

Concept Korea F/W 2014

The show was absolutely amazing. Due to horrible train delays, I missed the first few minutes of the show (which, I hear, included a stunning dance number), however I made it in time to be shocked and awed by the level of creativity these designers displayed.

Kaal E.Suktae

The first designer up was Kaal E.Suktae, by Suk Tae Lee. The most striking thing about this collection were the wide-brimmed hats. I went to the show in a wide-brimmed hat, so I was just so excited to see it used as a staple in this collection. Hats are probably my favorite accessories, and seeing them paired with the striking winter white and monochromatic outfits really created a dynamic visual that floated across the runway. They also used rich teal and burgundy tones for suits, which were really nice. Plus, I LOVED the metallic platform boots, of which I’ve been searching for a similar pair ever since with little success.

(hats seen in video below)




Next up was Choiboko, by Choi Bo Ko. The pieces in his collection were very abstract, yet geometrical. I loved how there was a great use of simple colors, such as khaki and white, to anchor some really bold graphic patterns in primary colors. The silhouettes were the stand out features of this collection. The coats were very a-line and flowy and the dresses were structured. Also, there was this amazing skirt with pointed corners that created this dynamic triangular shape.

(seen in video below)

Beyond Closet

Then there was Beyond Closet, by Tae Yong. This was a menswear collection, and I was totally glad that it was featured on the runway. It’s no secret that women have a plethora of fashion options, ranging from everyday to haute couture, but it was great to see how far menswear could go. There was a stunning earth tone camouflage suit that I fell in love with along with color-blocked long line coats and marine inspired two-pieces. There were also some huge coats with fur lapels that screamed Macklemore swag.

(seen in video below)

Big Park

To end the show was Big Park, by Park Yoon Soo. The music in this show, God, I wish you could have heard it. I had to remind myself where I was for a second because I was rocking out for a hot minute. One of the most interesting aspects was the hair. The models had frizzy corn rows. In the black community, which I grew up in, letting your corn rows get frizzy is an absolute no-no. You either re-braid your hair or go-with-the-fro. Seeing that embraced in a fashion collection was really cool and I thought it added to the lived-in street chic vibe of the collection. The prominent colors in the collection were red, white and black. There were full winter white outfits, black leather, and this red and black pleated skirt to die for!




I loved my first show. I had a wonderful time, and if I ever received the opportunity to go Concept Korea or any Fashion Week show again, I’d do it in a heartbeat. It’s definitely a cool, visual experience.


In case you were curious about what I wore to my first ever fashion show, I couldn’t leave you hanging.

Credit: Henry Choi
Credit: Henry Choi

My blazer coat is a vintage Ann Taylor, paired with thrifted (and DIY shredded) Ann Taylor straight-leg jeans that I transformed into boyfriend jeans. My wide-brimmed fedora and oxford heels are from Forever 21, and my leopard faux-fur scarf is from H&M. Underneath (I don’t have a picture, unfortunately), I wore my Betsey Johnson faux fur vest, with a dogtag chain my BF got me a while back and a grey shredded sweater from Rainbow. I also wore a Coach crossbody bag.

Street Style Captures

Plaid was it at NYFW when I went. People couldn’t get enough of it in all different colors, textures and sizes.

Ni'ma Ford- Stylist & Sartorialist Cover Girl
Ni’ma Ford- Stylist & Sartorialist Cover Girl

Ni’ma Ford, above, stood out with red hues and warm toned fur. Plus the hat is just retro and chic.


This show-goer displays her edgy, unapologetic street style with plaid on plaid, a rockin’ beanie and shades. I wish I captured the back of her jacket, but it featured Beavis!


A loose interpretation of plaid with grey on white. Loved the layering effect here.


This woman killed with her veiled furry hat. Plus layering fur sweater/jacket as a shirt under a blazer really made the look for me.


More plaid! This lighter color combination is a refreshing twist to the usually dark tone statement.


Grey and black will always be eye-catching for me as I love dark colors. Chunky flatforms and a top knot help to make this look understatedly fashionable.

Overall, Fashion Week was a wonderful experience for me. I hope in the future I get to go to more shows, see more collections, and bring you all more coverage. It’s definitely as amazing as it seems on TV and in pictures.

See you in my next post!

Sources: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Official Website, Concept Korea official website, Wall Street Journal

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