My Favorite Lipsticks for Spring & Summer!

Hey all, I wanted to come at you with some of my favorite lip colors for spring and summer. I’m not a big make-up person, but I love me some lipstick. Now, as much as I wanted to have the swatches on my lips, the colors photographed truer on my hand, plus rubbing the lip colors off my lips was starting to hurt so I had to quit!

I just want it to be known that my favorite lip colors of all time are vamp colors, I’d wear those any day, day or night, with no fear. But lately, I’ve been feeling the whole bright lip thing. So, below I’m reviewing my six favorite, fun, bright and experimental shades. You might be wondering “experimental”, what the hell could that mean? You’ll see in a second.

Pink & Coral

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 109; Wet N Wild's Matte Lipstick in Don't Blink Pink
Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 109; Wet N Wild’s Matte Lipstick in Don’t Blink Pink

Now, I want to issue a bit of a disclaimer. I am not, by any means a “pink” girl. I don’t wear pink clothes and I don’t do pink accessories so I was a bit surprised by myself on a beautiful spring day when I was craving a bright pink lip to go with my outfit.

So a few days later when I visited my boyfriend in Maryland, I purchased Wet N’ Wild’s “Don’t Blink Pink (966).” I’ve worn this color out before and it’s a really opaque matte/cream lipstick. It’s extremely long lasting and it’s a true hot pink. Though I was hoping for it to appear more blue toned, it does complement my tan/caramel complexion pretty nicely. The only downside is that it’s not the smoothest thing to apply. Other than that I’m a ride or die Wet N’ Wild chick when it comes to lipstick. Great value and great quality.

As for the coral shade, I’ve been fiending for a nice, punchy coral lip since I swatched Mac’s “Vegas Volt” last winter. However, $15 is not a price I’d really pay for a seasonal lipstick color, so per usual I hit up the drugstore to see what I could find. I’m not a huge Rimmel fan, but I absolutely LOVE their “Lasting Finish by Kate” matte line. I picked up color “109” (swatched below “Don’t Blink Pink”) which is no “Vegas Volt”, as it is much more subdued, but I love it. It works well for my deeper skin tone, it really does last for a long while, smells really good and it applies so smoothly on the lips. The only downside is that it feels weird when you rub the lips together when it dries, but if you can resist, it’s a great buy. I’m going to probably buy out that line of lipstick.

Orange & Melon

Milani's Sweet Nectar; Wet N Wild's 24 Carrot Gold
Milani’s Sweet Nectar; Wet N Wild’s 24 Carrot Gold

I have been craving an orange lip since last summer, but to be honest I was waiting to mature a bit. I know that sounds weird, but I felt like orange was a really grown up color and I needed to be in the right mindset to rock it. This year, I’m ready. So I picked up Milani’s “Sweet Nectar (01)” lipstick and I’m in love. Milani’s lipstick is so pigmented and vivid that it appears true on my lips in one swipe. It’s really crazy. It totally brings out the tan color of my skin and is going to be a perfect summer alternative to a red lip. Plus it’s way less fussy than a red lip. This color is pretty long wear and it smells like a watermelon jolly rancher (yummm). There truly is no downside to this lipstick.

The melon color, Wet N’ Wild’s “24 Carrot Gold” (swatched below “Sweet Nectar”), is a really similar color the Milani one and at first I was like “why did I make such a stupid impulse buy, I already have an orange!” But, I’ve grown to see the difference. It has much more of a white base than the “Sweet Nectar” and makes me look way less tan. So on days where I feel like looking lighter and brighter, I’ll definitely turn to this shade. I haven’t worn it out yet, but it’s also a great color for mixing. It blends pretty alright and looks cute with “Don’t Blink Pink.”

The Experimentals- Violet & Baby Blue

Black Heart Beauty's Icy & Melodrama
Black Heart Beauty’s Icy & Melodrama

When I said experimental, I really wasn’t kidding, was I?

Well, I have always wanted a purple lipstick, but since my skin has a more red undertone, many purples appear too red on my lips and I get really frustrated. So, I went on an intense search for a blue-toned, violet purple. That search brought me all over—from Etsy to Amazon—and then suddenly when I was in the mall and thought ‘screw it let me just go into Hot Topic, they have the most random things in there’ and I was RIGHT! There it was, the violet shade I was looking for—”Melodrama”. Now, I love this color so much. It’s weirdly gothic/modern/superhero-ey. However the quality of it sucks. It basically wears and feels like it was made from vegetable oil. It has no long term staying power and needs to essentially be set with eye shadow, so I’m saving this color for really special occasions like fashion events, clubbing and parties. But I really do love it.

Now the same story goes for the blue. I’ve wanted blue lipstick forever because I’m just that girl who would wear blue lipstick to mess with people and see the weird stares. So, I finally found my blue at the same time when I went to Hot Topic. This color, “Icy”, also has the same problem as the purple, but worse. It feels a little more slick than the purple and it goes on so patchy, which is not a good look with blue lipstick. I wore the color out to school on my birthday and I had to touch it up so much times it was so stressful. It required way too much blotting and reapplying it was like a full time job. So this color needs to be set with eye shadow, too. I love blue lips on me (I have a picture on instagram) but I’m going to search for a higher quality blue lipstick. I believe Inglot has a good collection of blues.

I hope you enjoyed my review on my top 6 favorite lipsticks. If you made it this far then you’re amazing and I love you! Stay tuned for my next post on my recent face/eye make-up haul featuring some cool products for summer.

If you want to see the picture of me in blue lips, check out my instagram @Thynameisashley

Bye for now!

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