‘Rihanna777’ Tour Special Review

So I had to watch the “Rihanna 777” special on Fox 5 New York that came on at 8pm today and I’m jealous of every single reporter and press agent that got to be on that plane. Or should I be?

Source: holgypilota.blog.hu

In case you didn’t know, basically, the “777” Tour is a feat of “7” shows in “7” cities in “7” days. It’s a once in a lifetime event for the singer and everyone else on board. Rihanna has brought on a group of 150 record execs, press, bloggers, fans, and reporters to enjoy and document the experience of what it is to be a touring performer like Rihanna. The events seen in tonight’s special occurred in November 2012 right before Thanksgiving.

The tour starts out great, like how you think it would have started out. Rihanna is interacting hardcore with all her plane guests. Cognac is being popped, Rihanna is pouring everyone a glass. She’s on the intercom getting everyone beyond hyped and free gifts are given. Everyone gets a string bracelet with a genuine diamond charm and what appears to be Skullcandy headphones. Life seems great right?

Below, are quick synopsizes of the cities and highlights from each stop.

Source: holgypilota.blog.hu

Mexico City

The first stop is Mexico City. The locals of Mexico seems to have a love affair with Rihanna. The plane camp of 150 is hyped.

For her outfit, Rihanna has on the fiercest leather bustier and is performing “Phresh Out the Runway” from her Unapologetic album.

Her presence in undeniable, even when she’s just sauntering around the stage, she has an intrigue that’s unmatched. So far so good, and right after the concert it seems the crew is off to the next one.


I don’t know why Mexico came before Toronto, but that’s just me.

This is when we start to see that what started out as a fantasy is slowly losing it’s appeal.

This tour isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. Everyone involved seems tired already. A lot of the 150 are functioning on 2 hours of sleep or less.

Rihanna’s voice sounds like it’s a little bit gone, which isn’t good because Rihanna’s live vocal performances aren’t really her strong suit. At all.

As she performs, her voice is practically giving up on itself. She skips a lot of her words and is breathing heavily. The excited crowd is really forgiving, but you can start to see that Rihanna has begun to have reservations about her big plan. By the second day she already called it a little “brutal.”

As for her performance, she’s performing her cult hit “S&M” with a white silky looking bustier. If you couldn’t already tell, I’m obsessed with her bustiers and bustiers in general.


Traveling straight from Toronto to Stockholm sounds really rough.

At this point, we’re not getting so see much interaction between Rihanna and the camp she brought on her plane. I’m a little confused while I’m watching because I thought the whole point was to be partying with her…

In her Stockholm performance, Rihanna is wearing a white semi-sheer top with no bra (they blocked out the nipples), high-waisted shorts, what seems to be a Chanel belt and a Chanel chain. Aside from the nipples on parade, this was my favorite outfit of her’s.

Source: fabzz.com
Source: fabzz.com

The song she’s performing is “Where Have You Been”. Her energy is amazing for someone who hasn’t been getting adequate rest, but her voice is clearly taking a toll. It’s quite painful to see her strain her vocal chords. Like literally, I was grabbing my own neck in discomfort.

In Stockholm, the crew got to rest and party in the city. Well, at least it seems like Rihanna did. The press looks like they’re taking a serious toll. They seem restless and frustrated. They’re undoubtedly getting the short end of the stick. #firstworldproblems


Now, everyone is going to Paris and it’s a shame they can only stay a day.

We’re introduced to a smitten/overly horny Austrailian DJ named Tim who’s trying to work his charm on a blogger named ‘Necole Bitchie’. Unfortunately, this is one of the only concrete highlights we get into the people who boarded the plane.

As for Rihanna, she’s wearing an oversized satin looking graphic tee. She’s shown performing “Umbrella”. Crowdgoers actually brought umbrellas which I thought was really cute.

Her voice is really going through it though. She using the crowd to fill in the words very frequently.

After the show, Rihanna goes to the club even though she admits she should be sleeping. I can’t blame her, it’s f$@#ing Paris!!


In Berlin, she performs “Only Girl In the World” wearing a black mesh tank with a huge white weed leaf on it. She has on a bra underneath (yay!) and a high slit white skirt.

Rihanna has clearly been resting because this show has a lot more energy radiating from Rihanna and her voice is a lot more on point.

The Rihanna camp leaves and in between cities, there’s a lot of anarchy going on on the plane. The guests are trying to raise their spirits but they’re not seeing as much of Rihanna as they expected. They’re kind of at the mercy of each other.

Someone takes it upon themselves to get the party started. We have a streaker on the plane it’s none other than Tim the horny Australian DJ! His stunt is met with mixed reviews.


Lack of sleep is really depleting the Rihanna camp’s spirits.

Source: siol.net
Source: siol.net

Rihanna herself seems quite tired before her performance of “Stay”. She’s wearing a gorgeous gold medallion choker a leopard bralette, and white high-waisted pants with red suede t-strap heels. Her performance of “Stay” is remarkable considering the fragility of her voice. Her song is charged with pure emotion and vulnerability. It was honestly the best performance documented on her tour.

After the show, Rihanna is clearly exhausted. She explains why she can’t hang with the ‘camp’ as much as planned. Oh and she’s just chillin’ with what appears to be a blunt behind her ear while she’s getting interviewed (it was blurred out).

In between cities, Rihanna makes her emergence from the front of the plane. She’s getting interviewed on a plane by all the press she’s invited and reporters finally feel a sense of “Yes, this is what I came here for!”

New York

Of course it had to end in New York City. Why, you may ask? Because WE THE BEST!

The flight attendants and plane crew wrap up. The plane is no longer in commission. We see the emptied seats of the plane which were once filled with sleep-deprived, world-traveling campers.

As her final documented performance, Rihanna performs “Diamonds”. She spent a good deal of time resting her voice and it paid off.

As for her final outfit she ends it looking very cute. She wears an oversized white button down shirt with a diamond choker and diamond hoops with white hot pants underneath.

As she concludes her number, she collapses into the end of the song. The perfect symbol of overcoming this very daunting tour.

This tour obviously wasn’t fully thought out. The camp seemed to have been left to fend for themselves, and there seemed to be no real point to the tour other than to promote Rihanna’s album and to say that she was doing something that epic. She could have done that just as well without the circus. Sure, the camp got to say they went around the world in 7 days, but in the end, most the camp looked sleep deprived, miserable, tired, stressed and eager to return to normalcy. So, though at first I was jelly, at the end I would never want to go through essentially living on a plane with strangers.

Overall, the tour was a success. Rihanna did shutdown the venues and everyone on the flight from the pilots to the fans can say they were part of a once in a life time event that will define them for the rest of their lives. It’s a moment in time the singer can’t shake and it was a testament to her hustle. She can’t stop, she won’t stop and only the sky is the limit for what she can make possible.

Oh and DJ Tim and ‘Necole Bitchie’ never did work out. I just thought I would let y’all know! (;

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