OOTD: Matrix Awards After Party at the Hearst Towers


Last Monday, my life totally changed. I am the 2013 recipient of a NYWICI (New York Women in Communications) sponsored scholarship. That means I’m going to intern at Scholastic in the summer and that I’m part of a sisterhood of wonderful, ambitious young ladies that are in the same/similar industry as me. It’s all exciting.

Well, as a part of winning that scholarship, I attended what’s called the Matrix Awards Luncheon, which is the biggest event of the NYWICI year. It was held at the oh-so swanky Waldorf-Astoria, and all of the 18 scholarship winners, including myself, got a moment on stage.

I will do a separate post on the Matrix Awards ceremony at a later time.

After Matrix, we got to go to a fabulous after-party at the Hearst Towers, located on 8th Ave & 57th Street. After wearing a dress all day, I wanted to keep things super-duper casual. But, not inappropriately so. C’mon now, I’m still at a swanky evening event!


I opted for a very sleek, black white and silver combination.

Necklace: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21

This silver necklace definitely helped to make the outfit appear way more formal and evening appropriate.

Pants: Urban Outfitter's BDG High-rise Cigarette Jean in black
Pants: Urban Outfitters’ BDG High-rise Cigarette Jean in black

Though I did wear jeans, they were appropriate for coctail wear because they didn’t have the denim texture. Plus the high-rise length and loose ankle cut gave it the illusion of well tailored pants. It’s a perfect alternative for those like me who hate overtly formal wear.

Shirt: H&M; Faux Leather Vest: Urban Outfitters' Silence & Noise
Shirt: H&M; Faux Leather Vest: Urban Outfitters’ Silence & Noise

I went for a sheer white shirt with a leather vest because I’m a sucker for layering. More-so, because black & white is a classic combination, and the look really did come out très chic.

Patent-capped Suede Oxfords: Urban Outfitters' Deena & Ozzy
Patent-capped Suede Oxfords: Urban Outfitters’ Deena & Ozzy

These are my go-to shoes for job interviews and dressier events. Clearly, they don’t disappoint.

Bracelet: Alex & Ari (+)Energy
Bracelet: Alex & Ari (+)Energy

Lastly, this gorgeous bracelet was given to us by the Scholarship Committee as a symbol of our Matrix experience. It hasn’t been off my wrist since.

The whole experience at the Hearst Towers was unlike any other. I met with amazing editors and people in the communications industry. I rubbed shoulders with the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmo—the wonderful Joanna Coles! I may have even scored an internship at Cosmo for the fall. Who would have thought a little ol’ college girl like me would have such an amazing opportunity.

Before I go, may I just share with you the wonderful, sweeping views I had of Midtown Manhattan from the 44th floor of the Hearst Towers. All I can say is that I wish you were all there with me!



Central Park, 44 floors up!

Central Park, 44 floors up!
Central Park, 44 floors up!

All OOTD pictures by Amanda Kontor.
‘Sweeping View’ shots by yours truly (;

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