Great Finds — Cheetah & Patent Leather Flatforms

I have a slight obsession for all things animal print, black, and leather. So, you could imagine my sheer elation when I came across these bad boys whilst roaming around TJ Maxx this past Saturday. I wanted to share them with you as part of a series I like to call “Great Finds”.

Great Finds

These shoes are black patent flatforms with a suede, 3″ cheetah print platform. I am in love with these shoes. I’ve been walking around the house in these for the past two days trying to break them in. I’ve been fiending for a pair flatforms since forever (*cough* last summer) and was willing to pay $35 for a pair I found on eBay. Well, $45 if you count the $10 shipping fee. With that said, guess what these sexy shoes cost me?

Great Finds

They were only $10 and what’s better is that they were originally from Express! I checked all over online for them and they originally retailed for $50. Sometimes patience pays off in the best way possible. These are way better than the ones I was eyeballing a while back and 75% cheaper y’all!

Nails: I Need a Refresh-Mint by Wet N' Wild
Nails: I Need a Refresh-Mint by Wet N’ Wild

What I love most about them are the chunky patent double straps. They bring me back to those large sandals of the 90s that all the hip young things used to wear. The cheetah print platform is just fierce, but it does make these shoes a little harder to style. It’s alright though, I love a challenge.

via Polyvore
via Polyvore

When styling my babies, I would stick to a pretty simple outfit that’s an ode to a true 90s summer. I think these pieces would do my shoes justice. Can you see it? I totally can.

The one thing I will say about flatforms is that you must be careful in them. If you move the wrong way, you can most certainly twist your ankle. Other than that, they’re pretty comfortable. I get a 3″ height boost and none of the discomfort of wearing heels. Summer please come soon so I can wear these on a girls night out or to a music festival!

To all my fellow fashion mavens, don’t be ashamed or shy to go shopping at discount stores. Some of my most fabulous, head-turning finds have been from the Salvation Army (my favorite store of all time), Goodwill, Marshalls, etc. It’s not about who you’re wearing. You could be rocking D&G from head-to-toe and still look like a hot mess! It’s about what you’re wearing, how you wear it and how it makes you feel. If you’re happy, you’ll look fabulous.

Do you think this was a great find? Please let me know below!

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